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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

In this episode I cover the Introduction in the book Unconditional Parenting by Alfie Kohn

The most extreme example of operant conditioning is the domination system of government--individuals are told to obey and are punished if they don't do what they're told

Any political philosophy not based on property rights is bound to deny individual needs for autonomy, justice, choice, and respect

The foundation of a free society is to be found in parents who interact with children in life-enriching ways, who connect with feelings and meet needs for respect and choice

Teaching kids to attribute the cause of their feelings to things outside themselves hinders them (and later, as adults) from taking responsibility for their feelings (NVC audiobook segment by Marshall Rosenberg)

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