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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Sky News report shows aftermath of Israeli air strike on Rafah

Journalist Abby Martin's documentary about the 2018-19 Gazan protest

Making Monsters: The Uncanny Power of Dehumanization by David Livingstone Smith
Real Horror: The Power and Peril of Dehumanization

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Randians Are Genocidal Collectivists by Fernando Chiocca

Opinion: I’m an American doctor who went to Gaza. What I saw wasn’t war — it was annihilation
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“Oppenheimer” Ignores Birth of Nuclear-Industrial Complex — and Its Profiteers
Nukes are big business, and beneficiaries have worked doggedly to limit any efforts to reduce or eliminate nuclear arms. by William D. Hartung

“Pure evil” – Dr. Mads Gilbert on Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s hospitals

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Breaking: Israel Unleashes Bombs During Superbowl; Declares Women & Kids Terrorists
Airstrikes Hit Rafah Crossing Ahead Of Israeli Troops' Ground Invasion, Killing 22

Steven Pinker's delusional thinking and gaslighting:
I've read all the "textbooks" (while writing the genocide chapter in Better Angels) and what Israel is doing may be criticized, but it is in no way "genocide"; this is a blood libel.

Aaron Bushnell's Protest Reflects A Much Deeper Crisis In the US Military