Complete Liberty Podcast
Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Must the Government Combat Americans’ Addiction to Foreign Bananas? by Robert Higgs
banana crises sidenote:
Understanding free market economics and international trade, for the umpteenth time
Resistance to the truth is aided by rationalizations
Is Richard an 'merican?...
Keene Man (Russell Kanning) to Auction Off Vote by Kat Kanning
Exposing the hypocrisy of political vote buying
"Representatives" don't represent you; don't fall for the slavespeak
Statement from Jason Gerhard (incarcerated friend of tax resistors Ed and Elaine Brown)
Imposing "services" at gunpoint: the essence of government
Parents forcing children to do things, which leads to uncritical acceptance of politics
The Meaning and Value of Gold by Glen Allport (in reference to growth of government pie charts)
Self-esteem versus rationalizations and defense mechanisms
No Such Thing as a Good Cop by Larken Rose
The horribly dangerous authority myth--the denial of personal responsibility
"...committing immoral violence is an unavoidable part of every cop's job." (LR)
The disorder created by government (and authoritarian parenting)
Simple rules for persons in a free market: Don't lie, cheat, and steal
What is the ~nature~ of parental influences? ~How~ the messages are delivered makes all the difference
Introducing, particularly to adolescents--via the Web--the anti-authoritarian anarchistic philosophy, which is a kind of psychotherapy to deal with the various abuses of one's will by others, by family, culture, and governmental "officials"
Authentic, independent challenging of "authority" versus inauthentic (typically collectivistic) revolting against it and replacing it with yet another "authority"
People's ambivalence about anarchy
Intro to Everyday Anarchy by Stefan Molyneux
How – Actually – Does the State Work? 'Do As You Are Told, Or We Will Kill You' by Jeff Knaebel
Corrupt power cannot withstand moral courage
Implications of the "against me" argument
927 Ron Paul and Politics versus Personal Liberty by Stefan Molyneux
Setting the standard for rational debate
Defending the Undefendable: The pimp, prostitute, scab, slumlord, libeler, moneylender and other scapegoats in the rogue's gallery of American society by Walter Block
One way to create a better world (especially for yourself): By not collaborating and compromising with those who forward evil premises
Errors of Knowledge vs. Breaches of Morality by Ayn Rand
Nullifying the will of others: the essence of the love of domination ("authority")
Respect presupposes a sovereign use of consciousness--which is why the initiation of force is NOT to be tolerated
Objectivists distorted use of moralization
Email dealing with the non sequitur of minarchism and fallacies about "human nature"
We can't escape philosophy
The Not So Wild, Wild West: Property Rights on the Frontier by Terry L. Anderson and Peter J. Hill
The trader principle (value for value) as part of the virtue of independence
Japanese researchers craft "e-skin" to let robots feel by Donald Melanson
Getting corrupt relationships out of your life and challenging slave-on-slave violence--thus fostering a better, happier, more courageous self, and a better society
The Next Thing... by Stefan Molyneux
948 The Next Thing (Part 2) by Stefan Molyneux
the backstory:
Episode: 947 The Next Thing (Part 1) by Stefan Molyneux
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