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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Bureaucrats Never Have a Case by Administrator (aka Marc Stevens)
Statism is based on the illogical premise that you don't own your own life
A "complaint" shouldn't be confused with a "case"
The Stockholm Syndrome, writ large
"Citizens" and "States" don't really exist; they're unjust legal fictions
The words on paper crafted by bureaucrats are necessarily open to vast interpretation, and many of words spell injustice
The Constitution’s Problems: Article I Section 8...Sadly, A Template For Disaster
Once you allow taxation, you open society up to unending tyranny, saying in effect that extortion is good and proper and useful
The two absolutely essential elements of legal standing: 1) violation of a legal right and 2) personal injury
The unjust laws of the Nanny State create "criminals" out of everyone and generating constant "revenue" for the terrocrats
The problem with our society today is not strictly the authoritarian sociopaths in the insane institution of government; it's all the people who are either tuned out or tacitly or directly support violent ideologies; mostly slave-on-slave violence keeps us enslaved
Why does society need the monstrous contradiction of government, the preeminent violator of individual rights? Such a meme only promotes low self-esteem and perpetual enslavement
"Tax cases" are an indication of how truly sick and twisted our culture is--governmental employees are putting people in cages who've violated no one's rights!
Statists allege (but never prove) that the "State" has a legal right to "tax revenue" (your money) and governmental employees are "injured" when they don't get their extorted money
"No attempt is made to put such allegations in an 'indictment' because it’s impossible to establish factually how an obligation to file a 'tax return' was created. To prove an obligation or legal right was created, there must be a connection between the people asserting the right and the person who allegedly has this obligation. Statists immediately point out the 'constitution.' And that is the point where they lose; and lose big time."
Basically, people in government seek to deprive individuals of self-ownership and property rights simply by virtue of their geographical location, essentially claiming that we are born enslaved
It's monstrously contradictory to claim the "right" to deprive innocent others of their rights to self and property
The Constitution binds or obligates no one and created nothing; no one today has signed or agreed to it as a contract, except perhaps some brainwashed governmental employees, those who really need to unbrainwash themselves by reading the following:
No Treason. No. VI, The Constitution of No Authority.  (1870).*
"The State" can't be a valid plaintiff; it's at best a fictional third party; "The State" has no standing in any case, not even regarding real crimes such as murder
"There is no such thing as a legitimate government, so nothing they do is legitimate regardless of the endless red herrings statists throw up."
"Government is men and women providing services on a compulsory basis; pay or get shot. To be legitimate they would have to drop their guns and provide their services on a voluntary basis. However, the moment they do so, they cease to be a government."
Either you're for voluntary social interaction (complete liberty) or you're for anti-social human interaction (statism)
"...statism and it’s supporting theology are not here to promote freedom or protect 'Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness'; it’s mind control to divert our attention away from the actions of anti-social individuals who are so desperate to 'protect' us they are willing to kill us and steal our property."
The libertarian movement is crippled by the unwillingness to differentiate those who want a voluntary society and those who do not; any libertarian who promotes "limited" government or any form of statism whatsoever is engaging in this monstrous moral contradiction in society
All governmental courts operate outside the bounds of natural and objective law, i.e., a voluntarily funded and provided legal system; statist courts, regardless of their rhetoric (used for public relations), are necessarily invalid
Prosecution of alleged rights-violators must involve restitution and reparations; the ingenuity of justice service entrepreneurs will probably entail many elements of the insurance model
As we transition to complete liberty, the need for rights-protection services becomes less and less; the threat against our lives and property will be extremely remote in a society of complete liberty, because the biggest violators of rights (governments) will be absent
The only way to clarity in these matters is to reassess the nature of one's volitional capacity and one's fears of others, which entails addressing the moral corruption and authoritarianism in family life; "Do this because I said so" is the same as "Obey this law (because we wrote it down)"
Are We There Yet, Are We There Yet? Let’s Check Marx and Engels’s List by Robert Higgs
The Timeless Allure Of Communism
Government needs to make slaves out of adults (property tax payers) to indoctrinate future tax payers (kids in schools of government)
"Remember the government's motto: you've got money, and we want it."
"Therefore, in the present distressing circumstances, we may be warranted in asking: is our politico-economic system finally going smash in a frenzy of monetary inflation, bailouts, and government takeovers? We’ll know the answer pretty soon."
So, what can we do? Focus on passing moral judgment; point out to others the coercion at the base of society (the gun in the room:; and, get people out of your life who behave in morally corrupt ways and advocate coercion
Ultimately, it's either statism or voluntarism; mutual respect of persons and property is the ideal
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