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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Understanding the Web and America's youth (An Interview with Don Tapscott)
net@night 79: Don Tapscott, Grown Up Digital
What are the implications of always being connected to the Internet?
Governmental schools are the main anchor around the neck of our society
The common person seems to follow all the clueless statist intellectuals
Coercively-funded "Public schools" cannot teach anything coherent about economics--because they operate outside the free market
The ills of Keynesian (governmental) economics versus the goodness of Austrian (free market) economics
What government does (perpetrate crimes) is prohibited to individuals outside of government
Of course, government by nature has no interest in defending and upholding individual rights
Being a "good student" leads to being a "good citizen," in which obedience and compliance are expected
Liberation by Internet by Gennady Stolyarov II
Surfing the Net via China?
More and more access to information will eventually destroy the statist memes
Focusing on technological improvements without focusing on getting rid of authoritarian pedagogy is beyond ridiculous
Teaching is the highest form of manipulation, said one of my college profs
The fine pedagogical art of of trimming leaves on a rotten tree...and singing teachers union songs
Mimicking free market innovations in the governmental school classroom still retains an antiquated pedagogy and statist memes
The entire authoritarian structure of governmental education must be hidden (in plain sight) with propaganda and threats
Check out iTunes University for tons of educational stuff!
Finding ways to approach statist mentalities in a constructive rather than destructive (pugilistic;) fashion
Explaining another's point view, so that he/she feels understood
The main problem with minarchism is that it leads the statist apparatus (coercive monopoly) in place to abuse the populace
Having a negative tone towards government (because those in it act unjustly and immorally) really means having a positive view of individuals (and the respect they deserve)
Resourceful, creative, independent, innovative, and moral individuals are threats to government itself; thus governmental schools
Basically, because people are not practicing enough self-responsibility, we have government
Noble purposes must be ascribed to the unjust and immoral actions of governmental officials, in order to appeal to people's inherent virtues and make things seem not what they are
People defend evil in order to prevent their worldview from dissolving
Our task is to be objective and state the truth, especially when nearly everyone is defending falsehoods (particularly statist intellectuals)
The importance of Wikipedia for fact-checking and information literacy
Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations by Clay Shirky
Web 2.0 technologies will eventually rid the world of powerful guilds, so-called experts, and sundry "authorities"
Statism is anti-self-esteem and anti-change; complete liberty is pro-self-esteem and pro-change
The agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, information revolution were all exploited by government to enslave and destroy individuals
We still live in the age of pre-logic, where most people pay little attention to contradictions
An attempt at a peaceful world?
Those in government ultimately depend on violence, theft, and deception in order to exist; since people already know this, why do they make excuses for statism?
One of Stefan Molyneux's brilliant assessments of the subject:
Governmental schooling is an organization of authoritarian sociopathy the purports to be good for "students"
Paul Dressel's smart quote: "A grade can be regarded only as an inadequate report of an inaccurate judgment by a biased and variable judge of the extent to which a student has attained an undefined level of mastery of an unknown proportion of an indefinite amount of material."
Facts and Fancy in Assigning Grades. Basic College Quarterly, 2 (1957), 6-12 (referenced here:
Grades and tests as essential methods of controlling students
Brett's world history lesson in 10 seconds: A long story, continuously repeating itself, looping century after century, about how an extremely small group of people controls an extremely large group of people by fear or by force--and their best weapon is the ignorance of the people
Though the Bill of Rights looks good on paper (supposedly restraining despotic government), it harbors a false premise--it legitimizes a coercive institution that violate individual rights on a daily basis
To defy property taxes (i.e., extortion) is heroic--it's crucial to stand up for logic, property rights, and especially individual learners
Sudbury model (the "free school" model) compared and contrasted with Montessori, Waldorf, and Progressive schools (and "student government"), as well as homeschooling
A couple useful resources (basically, parentally unstructured homeschooling): and
The fastest and best way to help kids become educated, self-esteeming, and mature is to respect their right to make choices as individual learners
Interest (intrinsic motivation) is the only criterion for engaging in any activity, and satisfaction the only evaluation of success (Sudbury model, or any enlightened pedagogy)
My favorite child psychology book: The Secret of Childhood by Maria Montessori
A learner who doesn't know what to learn (no imposed lesson plan), will then learn how to know what to learn! Learning as manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit
Boredom as learning experience; people's discomfort with themselves is yet another product of governmental schools
Democratic decision-making denies self-responsibility and objectivity, though it is a good tool for quelling dissent and imposing self-blame (You, it's what's for dinner!)
The two aspects of government that really suck--the one that doesn't work for you (even though it's supposed to) and the one that works for those in charge
Democracy: The God That Failed: The Economics And Politics Of Monarchy, Democracy, And Natural Order by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Psychologist Carl Rogers' fabulous quotation about the proper educational attitude: "To free curiosity; to permit individuals to go charging off in new directions dictated by their own interests; to unleash the sense of inquiry; to open everything to questioning and exploration; to recognize that everything is in process of change—here is an experience I can never forget." (referenced here:
Ultimately, the governmental school is a processing plant: The child goes in; the obedient employee/soldier/taxpayer goes out
What's needed: The Practice of Self-Responsibility by Nathaniel Branden
bumper music "Teenagers" by My Chemical Romance

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