Complete Liberty Podcast
Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Are We All Socialists Now? Not at All by Robert Higgs
Is socialism as dead as the dodo? Its new guise as participatory fascism
Authoritarian sociopaths are always on the lookout for new ways to blame the marketplace and go where they haven't gone before with coercive programs, be they in education, energy, or health care
Authoritarian sociopaths engage in a constant process of breaking things and then breaking more things while trying to "fix" them
Two of the wealthiest participatory fascists: Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
Bill Gates and Warren Buffett Talk With UNL Students About Much More Than Money by Steve Jordon, Omaha World-Herald, Neb.
Authoritarian sociopaths waste the loot they steal from those who don't waste it (productive people)
People are hoodwinked via indoctrination and propaganda--and many pick the low-hanging fruit of governmental jobs and contracts
Dreaded participatory fascism health-care headlines:
What would happen if people kept their money away from the authoritarian sociopathic programs?
By what right, standard, or code can some people presume to "let" other individuals makes their own choices? No right, an unjust standard, and an immoral code
Government delivers the lowest possible quality at the highest possible price
Not only does the emperor have no clothes--there is no such thing as emperor!
Because governmental action is based on coercion and involuntary interaction, no good can come from it; rational minds require choice to function
The mainstream media gives you only a fraction of the info you need to make informed decisions
A 'Rebel' With A Cause on (Michelle Muccio )
The problem of libertarian concessions to consistent statists is hindering the progression to freedom
Each of us exists for our own sake, not for the sake of the State or "others"
At the end of the day, Ron Paul is a politician; he writes in "earmarks" to bring home loot to his "constituents" in his "district" and concedes the statist premise of Constitutional government
Immigration Reform in 2006? by Ron Paul (statist insanity!)
In Defense of Ron Paul’s Earmarks by Eric Phillips (who thinks sound principles can be fudged)
Are "the masses" willing to accept personal responsibility? Higgs says "No" CLP says "Yes"
In truth, a minority of the American population, the so-called intellectuals and the authoritarian sociopaths are the ones who are unwilling to accept personal responsibility
Further reading: Freedom—An Intellectual Issue
A mixed economy confuses the moral issues and ideas in the statist extortion and regulation rackets
Philosophers and intellectuals aren't using the method of non-contradictory identification (logic) in ethics and politics one wit
The host doesn't need to parasites to survive and thrive; we don't need them (those in government) to survive and thrive
Today's America is running on prior capital, which today's level of statism is unapologetically consuming
Slumdog Millionaire winning awards is an indication or how morally bankrupt our culture is--the portrayal of wallowing in poverty, filth, and wretched contentment, coupled with rampant immorality and injustice
Political systems throughout the world are impoverishing whole countries
Is America Number One? by John Stossel (which includes inspecting the differences in starting and running a business in Hong Kong, Calcutta, and NYC--though all within the statist paradigm, in which you don't live for your own sake)
Widespread panhandling is an example of what government does to economies
We don't need anyone hindering our choices or offering us tax dollars (extorted loot), essentially creating barriers to entry to the wealth of a truly free market
Sitting in traffic is an illustration of the highway to hell paved by governmental employees
Authoritarian sociopaths don't care about your life satisfaction, though they do care about keeping you enslaved
Complete liberty asks that you demand the best in your life
If individuals aren't being respected, you don't have a respectful society
More participatory fascism: Genentech pushes more diagnostic-test regulation
Galaxy has 'billions of Earths'
bumper music "Everyday" by Authority Zero

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