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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

The purpose of talking about the negativity of politics is to create a better world for everyone
The moral double standard of government must be challenged
People comply all the time for all kinds of reasons
"Agents of the State" do not work for us; they work for those "in charge"
Cops: America's one and only--by force!
A legalized monopoly on police force will always use that force against you
Public property leads to making victims out of all of us, by "agents of the State"
Impounding equals theft equals extortion racket
Many "businesses" collude with those in government and use the force of the State to make money
The goal of government is to maintain obedience (in order to "make" money and keep control)
In traditional education, kids are managed, watched, and told what to do by those who presume to be "authorities" over them, which leads directly to statism
Arbitrary enforcement of unjust laws makes perfect sense, doesn't it?
Typical "news" stories don't have truth and freedom in mind
Government as Jabba the Hut...
Episode 3: A Young Person's Guide to the American Political System
The illusion of freedom is fostered on multiple fronts in multiple ways
The "authority" of the family--i.e., the head of household--has always held sway and generated the fear mechanism
By what right, standard, and code do you presume to rule over me?
It's incumbent on parents to see their kids as equally deserving of respect
Unschooling principles are based on a mutually respectful code of morality
And kids who are unschooled according to rational moral principles won't tolerate tyranny as adults
Each generation is within reach of complete liberty; it's just a matter of how much of your life you want to take back that has been stolen from you
"Public property" is a contradiction in terms, and a sure-fire way for authoritarian sociopaths to treat others unjustly
Our distinct lack of freedom is the issue and idea of our age...
The common denominator of socio-economic problems is government, and the irrational/unjust memes fostering it
Hernando de Soto's misguided ideas about property rights
The illusion of property rights serves the interests of those in power to essentially harvest the products of the free-range slaves
Lack of understanding in economics and human motivation leads to fears about exploitation by property owners
Re-educate thyself in the nature of freedom:
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The fundamental difference between Marxism and Objectivism (property understood and applied) is logic
Most philosophers throughout history have denied the validity of the senses and thus forward illogical epistemology
Do you think that freedom should be the highest value for human beings?
Reason, purpose, and self-esteem all require freedom
Both personal and political freedom are necessary to live a life proper to a human being
Rationalizations for statist memes serve as sick substitutes for genuine choices in a free marketplace
The founders of Sudbury Valley School unfortunately incorporated "democratic" statism into an unschooling school (free school) environment -
Being told that you have "a voice" in a democracy is basically saying that you don't exist as a respectable person
The obedience meme is widespread, even among the liberty movement
Some have decided NOT to obey - Lauren Canario Eminent Domain Arrest (in 2005)
Is the lack of freedom in your life preferable to experiencing the consequences of living freely?
With the moral code of altruism, there is no end to the sacrifices and thus rationalizations
Only a tireless disobedient minority (of agorist intellectuals) can accelerate the process of achieving complete liberty
If you're not doing anything to protest the injustices of those in government, and if you're not demanding better behavior, nothing is going to change
Lots of wealthy businesspersons "legally" try to pay as little taxes as possible, which concedes the immoral premise of statism and emboldens statist oppressors
Civil disobedience--based on the principle of self-ownership and property rights--is the moral thing to do, because individuals should be respected
"Under a government which imprisons unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison." H.D.T.
Reacting violently to political oppressors not only plays into the hands (fists and guns) of the authoritarian sociopaths, but it also leaves the authoritarian/obedience memes intact
Nothing trumps your mind, volition, and life
The greatest motivation and benefit of defying unjust demands is internal
Those who believe that they are moral must come to terms with enslaving and incarcerating rights-respecting individuals
Supporters, video cameras and the Internet are the primary methods of showing the immoral and unjust behavior of governmental "officials" (and shaming them)
Complying--remaining libertarian talkers--makes it seem as if injustice isn't happening
Stefan Molyneux's contrary messages:
If we believe that it's moral and practical to obey, then neither those in government (nor bullies) will change their behavior as a consequence
You're never going to get a significant fraction of people on board the liberty movement unless you do disobey, and incur the consequences of the code of immorality that's being foisted on people
Violent resistance to governmental "officials" unjust demands basically would lead to your death and their death, and perhaps death of the liberty movement
The authoritarian/obedience meme has existed for centuries--but it's time to evolve, and it would be a shame if we didn't
Check out the activism in Keene, NH -
Freedom Roundtable - 2009 Liberty Forum -
In America, we have the rhetoric and pretense of freedom
The next-step challenge is to get rid of the behavioral contradictions, to walk the talk
All those in governmental schools need to listen to Brett's School Sucks Podcast -
The horrible injustice perpetrated on Irwin Schiff:
Peter Schiff on his father, Irwin Schiff -
The immoral man whose job Schiff wants -
The IRS is an institution that is evil to the core--they aggress against rights-respecting persons and their property
Even if you're fully educated about complete liberty, as long as you comply with tyrannical attitudes, nothing really changes for the better
For the convenience of the government, and on account of his heroic efforts, Daniel is no longer part of the Navy:
War is the health of the State, and the State promotes war, first and foremost on "it's citizens" via taxation and regulation
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