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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Obedience to "authority" is a main factor in our political enslavement
There should be no contradictions in the realm of politics, yet self-ownership isn't recognized by governments
Government is allegedly designed to protect you and provide for you, but at whose expense?
Businesses in the marketplace don't impose their services on customers; they offer and revise their offerings according to customer desires
"Public good" and "free rider" arguments are based on economic falsehoods--and immoral premises
If you weren't threatened with fines, incarceration and other punishments for not paying taxes, would you pay them?
Collectivistic memes support unjust services such as the "military," which is funded via extortion and enslaves its own "employees"
Employers and employees are not slaves and masters; each can discontinue their relationship at any time for any reason
When people aren't allowed to opt out, daily rights-violations are perpetrated with impunity
Those involved in the authoritarian nature of government don't take responsibility for their immoral and unjust actions
As government grows, people blank out the essentials and avoid making moral distinctions even more
Scientists are notorious for blanking out regarding issues and ideas of immorality and injustice
Once again, the obedience meme is keeping us enslaved
Why do so many rational individuals allow so much of their lives to be controlled by the threats and coercion of those in government?
A disrespectful family environment tends to deny self-ownership and leads to enslaved "citizens"
Stop saying "Please"! by Larken Rose
The sordid political tale of the Boston Tea Party...
The concept of individual rights is key to understanding the nature of rights-violations
We are made of star stuff, and as conceptual beings, we need to realize the implications of reason in relation to rights
Violent resistance won't destroy the authoritarian/obedience meme
Civil disobedience entails demanding that your rights be respected, with firmness and no slavespeak
"Police officers" are criminals themselves to the extent that they "make" money via extortion and work for the coercive monopoly of government
The jurisdiction to search for evidence of a crime (actual wrongdoing) naturally stems from property rights; owners have jurisdiction; cops don't
Freedom should be our highest value (assuming good physical and psychological health)
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In order for Free Staters ( to achieve freedom, they need to see disobeying unjust "laws" and demanding respect for individual rights as virtuous
Resignation to the political status quo (obeying unjust "laws") is not the answer
To try to use government to get rid of government is not the answer either
Those in government don't care about individuals, but they do care about being seen as legitimate
Politics "works" by destroying people's lives
As long as we consider disobedience (and its consequences) less moral and less practical than obedience, we'll never achieve complete liberty
People who derive benefits from government are engaged in a ethical contradiction
The moral/practical dichotomy is the main deterrent to living an authentic and principled life, as well as a major impediment to experiencing freedom
If you're not respecting other people, you're not respecting yourself (and vice versa)
People in government essentially fear operating in the free market, i.e., acting in a voluntary fashion
Once a certain level of self-esteem is attained, there's no felt "need" to sacrifice others for your own sake
Governmental "law" is legalized, concretized authoritarian sociopathy
If the people in government actually trusted their own judgments, they would have no desire to control others
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Beyond Rand by Jim Davies (review of Larken's The Iron Web)
We don't need mass civil disobedience to pierce the false veil of legitimacy of "government"
Most people are complying with governmental injustices on account of fear of not complying, not out of any serious dedication to collectivistic self-sacrifice
Small, yet supportive groups of complete liberty lovers dedicated to speaking the plain political truth can embolden people with common sense
Pop behaviorism (operant conditioning) permeates our society, as noted by Alfie Kohn:
There are no rational or valid arguments for maintaining legalized coercive monopolies that violate individual rights
Fear, threats, and violence are what those in government rely on to promote their propaganda of perceived legitimacy
The only way that authoritarian sociopaths can live with themselves (as they follow fools' orders) is to believe that they're doing good and thus appearing righteous, as nabbers of the bad guys
An uncompromising moral stance is needed for achieving your freedom, which is forwarded via non-compliance
Arguments for governmental "laws" cannot stand logical scrutiny
Once the entire market is marketized--owned by individuals--people will live fully as human beings, according the rational rules
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