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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

We were taught to believe in the statist version of "freedom" in governmental schools
Government is seen as a protector and provider for "the people"
If we're going to enact the principles of statism, why limit it?
The illusion of an ominous external enemy perpetuates the notion of governmental military "protection"
Without "freedom" rhetoric and propaganda to accompany their violence, those in government have no perceived legitimacy
Jan Helfeld who is a Minarchist Objectivist Debates Larken Rose an Anarcho-Capitalist.
Minarchism is simply a form of statism
Fear of freedom seems to be what largely separates minarchists from market anarchists
The credo of all statists: necessity validates the initiation of force
The political ideal of those in power is to convince the slaves that they are "free"
Comfort through compliance garners various "benefits," all while destroying untold, unseen possibilities
"Make believe is fun and comforting, but I wouldn't suggest it as a political philosophy." B.V.
The obedience training process has to incorporate rationalization in order to deny plain truths
A superman view of militaristic government (that can beat up all the bullies) can never be limited
The notion of a "final authority" with a legalized monopoly that prevents conflict among humans has its origins in corrupt parent/child and teacher/child relationships
Even in the "elite" private schools, obedience to authority is the MO
The central planning pedagogical ramblings of Alexander Inglis...
"The propaedeutic function of secondary education"
John Gatto's take on Inglis:
A European example of the ideological/pedagogical aftermath:
How much lack of self-trust does it take to want to dominate and control others?
Why do people think that those in government are different than other people?
If "people are stupid and dangerous," why on Earth should they be able to "govern" others?
Dumbocracy, where the "will of the people" fills the void of "God" as "authority"
Those in government feel that they deserve to rule over others (it's okay for them because they're special or "chosen")
Government is a fundamentally different concept than the "roving gangs" postulated by minarchists
"The law" is viewed an an authority that we must obey, and breaking "the law" is seen as one of the greatest moral/political sins
Because government is seen as a "protector" and/or "provider," its false legitimacy must be countered through discourse and non-compliance
The most cleverly conniving in society will always infiltrate the coercive institution called government
If you advocate the violation of one person's rights, then you advocate violence against an entire society
You can't just change the people who're staffing government; you have to get rid of the entire coercive system
The beauty of the free market is that you only pay for what you get, and you only get what you pay for
Wal-Mart and the corporate structure:
The "free rider" and "public goods" fallacies lead to further rationalizations for the initiation of force
Minarchism's political contradictions and errors about human nature -
You can't protect someone while not protecting them (i.e., while taxing them)
"For your own good" perpetuates the governmental meme of tyranny over individuals
The Idea of a Private Law Society by Hans-Hermann Hoppe:
Collectivism makes living as full-fledged individuals impossible
Objectivist ethics: don't sacrifice yourself to others, and don't sacrifice others to yourself
The moral contradiction of statism: freedom will give you less freedom; therefore, you mustn't be free
Why do people believe that government is less scary than freedom?
Check out for all his books and essays
The impact of mysticism and governmental education on people has been immense
Violence isn't going to achieve non-violence in relation to governmental memes
Even limited government advocates want to initiate force against others in order to "protect" themselves
NAP (the non-aggression principle) is an irreducible primary in the realm of political philosophy; don't hit people and don't take their stuff
Because we are reasoning, volitional, individuals with property rights, no person or group may aggress against us
FDR1447 Post Debate Review Conference Call - Anarchism Versis Minarchism
How would life be with complete liberty? It's important to portray this via art...
School Sucks Podcast - Episode 7.2: Conformity & Compliance vs. Conscience & Consistency
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When the good of individuals is honored, the greater good is thus served
Honoring little people entails unschooling and especially whole life unschooling ; ; ; ;
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If parents treated kids as equally deserving of respect, it would lead to the demise of the State
We are all in a process of shedding the bad memes, particularly the authoritarianism/obedience memes
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