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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

Complete Liberty chapter six was the most difficult to write: Ending Modern Day Letters Patent
Orthodox Objectivists tenaciously hold onto the IP meme
Marx's labor theory of value is in operation with the promotion of IP
Australia's Woolworths, Apple in logo dispute
Apple patents The OS X Dock
Time, money, and effort spent using the IP racket means time, money, and effort not spent on innovation
Innovation is the product of creativity, and creativity is the antithesis of conformity
IP means getting your corner on the market with the guns of government
Corporations engage in reciprocal licensing arrangements on account of patent combat; attorneys work deals so they can continue functioning
Nokia files suit against Apple by by Hibah Yousuf
IP law is used to control others in the marketplace; creators tend to see their products in the hands of others as still their property!
Property_Is_Intellectual by Russell Madden
Especially in a non-IP marketplace, reputation for how you relate to content creators is key
What actually is property? Something you possess (own) and use without conflict with what other people possess and use; property rights thereby minimize the potential for conflict in society, as well as ascribe accountability and efficient use (and production) of resources
And what constitutes so-called intellectual "property"? It depends...
Against Intellectual Monopoly by Michele Boldrin and David K. Levine
Monopolistic privilege granted by government is the essence of IP, which entails trying to control others' property rights
Being able to reproduce or duplicate something is qualitatively difference than taking it (thereby preventing another's use)
Theft by definition entails use or possession of someone else's thing, not allowing them to use and possess that thing
Being able to duplicate without conflict is the operational principle in the realm of property rights
"Tax Protester" Elaine Brown sentenced to 35 years in prison today....will do more time than murderers, rapist, or child molesters.
Those in government fear non-compliant political slaves most
Judge George Singal and Assistant U.S. Attorney Arnold Huftalen are outright criminals, responsible for the destruction of the lives of the Browns (and countless others)
Governmental judges and prosecutors "work" for the same team, which is the ultimate conflict of interest, a monopolistic privilege on "justice"
But this doesn't bother them:
Comment that speaks for itself:
Dr. Brown was our dentist for 11 years. She is one of the most decent people I know. The government has taken her home, business, and possessions. That is enough. I feel she has more than enough paid for this. She is very old and I think it is outrageous to treat someone of her age like that. She spent her entire life helping other people. I think this state needs to pardon her and treat her humanely. I am sorry Elaine and all my 8 children love you. Thanks so much for your great work! You are awesome.
- Penny T, Plymouth, NH
Further reading:
Public acts of civil disobedience expose rights-violating "law" enforcement, thus delegitimizing those in government as our "protectors"
bumper music "Mind Control" by Stephen Marley

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