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Show that promotes total respect for self-ownership, property rights, and personal choice--amidst the authoritarian/obedience-oriented political and psychological memes in American culture (and elsewhere). Basically, governments and all they entail are the problem, not the solution. Voluntarism (or market anarchism, or anarcho-capitalism) and customary law principles, in accordance with reason and dignity, spell the solution.

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In this episode I cover the first half of Chapter Ten: The Child's Perspective in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Happiness is our highest moral purpose, so it's vital to know what it objectively requires
Out-of-context happiness (e.g., ignoring the ills of statism) is just as disconnected from one's true self as the unhappiest depression

Punitive parenting and punitive governmental actions tragically go hand in hand

The commonly misunderstood ethical terms...

At a bare minimum, parents need to convey to their kids the extreme importance and sanctity of their persons and property, i.e., the nature of respecting individual rights in society

In a free society, everyone can be productive; "competition" is merely people bringing various values to the marketplace

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In this episode I cover the second half of Chapter Nine: Choices For Children in the book Unconditional Parenting: Moving From Rewards And Punishments To Love And Reason by Alfie Kohn

Taking responsibility is greatly diminished in those who administer punishments, since they commonly blame the disobedient person who's being punished as "bringing it on themselves" or "choosing" to be punished

Whenever what we want comes across as a demand (rather than a request), we tend to pay a price psychologically and socially in terms of getting our needs met

As humans, we all have the same needs:
And feelings are universal as well:

The all-too-commom process of parents telling children what to do and when to do it, such as eating and sleeping, greatly hinders the process of children learning to take responsibility for their own basic functions as growing human beings; and, it doesn't meet their needs for respect and autonomy (among other needs)

Check out the facets of whole-life unschooling... ; ;
Dayna Martin: What is Radical Unschooling?

Ian Freeman's thorough overview of the NH CD liberty activism

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